Miffy Meet Kumoya

Current view 😎

In the skytrain now heading to T1..

Miffy Meets Kumoya

Lunch date with Miffy!

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Ordered Miffy Mango Medley and got this green coaster free!

We were allocated to the biggest table, super cute corner! 😍

And we’ve got a couple of Miffy as our companions too!

Miffy theme going real strong 😍😍

It’s a pretty small setup. Each seating limits to a max 90 mins. And no reservation is allowed so be prepared to wait for your table.

They also sell some Miffy products too..

@daphne1628’s latte.. 😍

Love their truffle cheese fries!😋

Their seafood curry rice was pretty yum too!

Look at how cute the Miffy fishcake is 😍😍

@chloeyingen’s chicken burger..

One of their signature order I guess, photogenic but almost impossible to stay cute after you have poured in the soda as the Miffy face will sure collapse. 😂

Shirley aka littlemissbento was very kind to come over to fix Miffy’s nose when it fell. 🤣

Bro was commented that the food all turned cold already as we spent so much time taking photos 🤣

With my nieces 😍

Ok one last pic I promise 😆

In general I reckon their food is really not bad considering it being a theme cafe.

The dishes are curated and created by @/misslittlebento and she happened to be there in discussion with Kumoya’s boss when we were there this afternoon.

Visited Kumoya during their last collaboration with Cinnamoroll too. Food also very good.

You can check my previous post on their last collaboration ➡️ @charmmy3030:200517

You can purchase her cookbook if you are keen.

Satay beehoon for dinner! Hawker feast since @daphne1628 misses sg hawker food.

Didn’t even know we can’t find this dish in Penang. 😆

Woah so much food. Thanks @surerain!

Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters will be hitting Changi Airport T3 this X’mas! So cute, can’t wait to see the completion deco. 😍

Under construction now.. 🛠

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