Craving for crabs! 🦀

My #fbmemories 5 years ago. Craving for this now. 😭

But there are so many reports this year about hairy crabs, doesn’t seem to be too safe to consume it this year. 🤔

Just received the invite from #lovebonito

The Flagship Store is finally opening in 2 days!!

I want that goodie bag! It’s so pretty! 😍😍Just spent $120 to get it. While stock last though.

Bet the queue must be really crazy on this Saturday. 😅

No hairy crab never mind, this crab beehoon shall make do.

They are super generous with their gravy today. Gave us extra when they served the dish and the boss Mac even poured in another half a bowl of gravy when he walked past our table.

Thank you, Mac! 😉

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodies #charmmyeats

Ordered this fermented pork belly for my bro which he loved. 😋

Their green dragon vege is also one of their best!