Unboxing my newin CC earrings

Mum dabao back my favourite scallops porridge from Crystal Jade after her medical review.

Glad her review is ok, such a relief.

Review in 3 months time.

Unboxing my #newin Chanel earrings

My little purchase yesterday.. 🎁

Love its vintage looking 😍.. I’m always more drawn to studs than dangling earrings.

Still prefer more classic pieces that’s evergreen..

It’s been quite a while since I bought Chanel earrings. I’ve also refrain from buying those with crystals or beads as they tend to be quite prone to falling off.

Quite fed up cos have to bring back for repair, so ley chey 😅

#chanel #charmmyshops #dayreshopping

The back of the earrings, this looks like one piece so it should be more secured.

If it’s sticked on, it will be quite prone to falling off as well.