Sanrio Mystical Garden at Changi Airport

The Justic League movie was awesome, didn’t expect it to be so funny.

What a way to end my Friday night. Sure feel awesome. 🤣

Never see Flash in action before.

He’s so funny lor. Mum was like laughing non stop too whenever he’s in the scene. 🤣

Omg, this is so cute! 😍

Sanrio Mystical Garden has been launched yesterday.

You can redeem these Sanrio Plush at $8.90 each for min purchase of $60 at the public area, $90 at and $120 at the transit area.

This is the launch day special. The Firefly Edition.

Redeemable only yesterday at $10.90 with the same min purchase.

Mac brekkie at the airport before sis’s flight.

Love the breakfast wrap, can only eat this during dine in though.

Super soggy if order through McDelivery. 😅

Good effort by the barista. ☺️👍🏻

Lunch.. leftover from my niece’s big breakfast deluxe. Don’t wanna waste food mah 😁

Coming soon at Uniqlo. 😍

#uniqlo #snoopy #peanuts #dayreshopping

Green diet for dinner cos it’s 初一, vegetarian day for the hubs.

The hubs’s bento looks really yummy.

I ordered the mushroom burger..

Tasted really healthy I must say..

Check out the no of steps I’ve clocked in today.

What an auspicious number eh.. 😁 8888