J.B. Ah Meng Restaurant

It’s been a awhile since I’ve had youtiao for brekkie.

A cup of coffee is all I need when there’s youtiao. 😋

Missing Taipei.

3 years ago today. #fbmemories

I used to visit Taipei almost every year as my cousin stays there.

But ever since I fell in love with Seoul, I’ve kinda neglected Taipei. 😂

Last visit was back in Year 2015.

Have documented my travelogue at this hashtag ➡️ #charmmyintaipei

Monthly dinner with my in-laws.

Venue chosen by my SIL.

Boy, the place is so crowded. Reservation made still have to queue. 😅

The food better be good. 😂

Apparently there’s two queues here.

One for with reservation and one for those walk-ins. Wonder how the queuing system works. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The sky looking so magical today. 😍

Finally a day without rain.

Probably originated from JB..

Supposedly one of their signature dish – San Lou Mee Hoon 三楼米粉.

I was trying to see if it comes with three layers but don’t have leh😂

This dish is not bad, very oily though.

Some clams dish which I quite like. 😋

The white pepper crab which is also one of their signature dish.

I was too lazy to mobilise my fingers on this. 😅

Long beans with fried lotus seed. Think 万和楼does it better.

Salted egg prawns with corns.. we waited super long for this dish.

Reckon it’s too jelat so I didn’t really enjoy it.

Aubergine prawns which even took longer to be served to us. 😅

My hubs walked to 永和豆浆 to dabao some snacks while waiting and the dish only came after he’s back.

Not very impressed with this place. Don’t think we will be back again. Definitely not worth the wait. It’s not very cheap too. 👎🏻

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodies #charmmyeats

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