Happy Buy From Gucci!

Probably one of my happiest buy this year! 😉

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Super love the minimalist packaging.

It’s been ages since I bought a Gucci.

My last purchase probably gotta be more than 8 years ago.

And I probably have already sold away all my Gucci bags.

Since then, I can’t relate to the brand anymore. 😂

Glad these recent years Gucci has managed to turn me around in some way. 😆

So glad that my sis managed to help me score this at the airport. It so happened that they just received the new stock 10 mins ago.

Luckily my sis took a morning fight. I called this fate 😆

Have been looking for this for the longest time, either there’s no black or don’t have my size.

Yay and I can save on GST too hee.. 😆

See.. so nice right. 😍

Prefer this width as the thick one seems a bit odd on my frame.

Can’t wait to wear this out!