My hubs finally fixed up our new laundry bag.

Glad it didn’t look too different from the pictures. 😉

#ezbuy #taobao #taobaohauls

There’s a change of outfit at the Apple Shop.

Counting down to Christmas. My favourite season.

Yup.. I’m back at the Apple Store again. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Who would have expect the same video taking problem to happen also at my new 8+.

Now they suspect it could be due to some corruption in my backup data. However it’s very hard to ascertain which is the app that may have triggered this problem.

Solution now? Change the camera for my less than 2 weeks old phone.

Decided to check out the Tiffany Holiday photo booth while waiting for my phone to be fix.

Stucked out my tongue during the first shot as I wasn’t prepared yet. 😝

Just need to key in your email address after the photo taking. Thereafter, retrieve the photo at your email and post to your IG and hashtag #ATiffanyHoliday.

Go to the Tiffany boutique (ground floor) to show your post and wait for your photo printout.

Your photo should appear at this machine once you have posted your pic to your IG with the designated hashtag.

Profile has to be in public setting.

Here’s the photo printout.

Have a Tiffany Holiday! @chloeyingen

Snack time with Mum and the Niece since we have a couple of hours to kill. 😋

We even went to Watson’s to play with the interactive make up app. Quite fun haha 😜

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