Ferragamo Sales // Alene’s new crib

Downloaded my second app and guess what app it is.

Decided it shall be Dayre instead of IG and FB as this is the app that I’m having major withdrawal syndrome with.

Cos I’m constantly thinking what’s happening to everyone’s life while on a hiatus (though only for more than 24 hours).

I’m feeling so alone while surviving just on a phone without any additional app. 😂

Popped by Ferra at ION yesterday and was drawn to this dusty blue Vara.

Love how the blue looks on the calf leather. #ferragamo #charmmyshops #dayreshopping #dayreshopaholics

How pretty right! 😍

This is on 30% off, pretty good deal!

Tried on both the dusty pink and blue, both in Vara.

Dusty pink in patent and blue in calf leather.

I’m more drawn towards the blue cos afterall pink is not really me. 😆

Tried on the smallest available size 4.5 but sadly it was still too big for me.

Woes of having small feet. 😩

Was so looking forward to @Benela’s mini housewarming as it has been a while since our last catch up.

To be almost, it’s almost a year since our last met up. @charmmy3030:191216

2017 seems to have just swing by in lightning speed and now we are left with just over a month left this year. Time flies really! 😱

Love the spacious space of her crib.

Love the little details like the cabinet knobs, the intricate porcelain basin… Good job @nite_stars.

My fave corner definitely has got to be Alene’s beauty corner. 😍

Only pic taken at the beauty corner. So pretty isn’t it. 😍

We were really appalled by Alene’s #clickandgrow smart garden.

Really pretty when the LED is lighted up. 😍

Yummy army stew prepared by Akira.

Thank you for preparing this for us. Alene is such a lucky gal. ☺️

Yummy earl grey baked by Alene. Very fluffy indeed! 😋👍🏻

Thanks @tinklebells for getting the cake so that we can make use of this gathering to have an early celebration for us – the Dec babies. ☺️

Thanks @Benela and Akira for having us over. 打扰了😁

Till our next gathering! 😊 @nite_stars must join us next time hor..

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