Chanel 18C Turn Lock Series

Chanel 18C Turn Lock Series

Went to check out the 18C Turnlock rings the other day.

And so like the earrings, it also comes in the iridescent version.

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This is in size 50 so can only fit into my last finger. 😂

Chunky rings look better on the middle finger.

This was what I was looking for.

Still prefer the gold version than the iridescent one.

The iridescent one is slightly more ex.

The turnlock is actually functional and the ring can be unlocked.

When worn on the middle finger..

It also comes in bangle..

In both versions as well.

Also can be unlocked 😊

Matchy matchy 😍

It also comes in the brooch version, almost full set already.

Except that it doesn’t come in pendant version. Think that would be very pretty and I’ll definitely consider that. 🤔

This is super chio, not from 18C though, a classic piece. 😍

So classic and pretty wearable. 😍

And so I’ve sinned again. 😅 💸💸💸

Really gonna board the ban island now, at least until the end of the year. 😂