Hello December 👋🏻

Time flies.

We are left with one month for 2017.

Hello December! 👋🏻 You’re the last one so be the BEST one!

December is the month for preparation and celebration.

It’s also my favourite month too cos there’s so many to look forward to.

My birthday, my hubs birthday, our ROM, Christmas and all..

This year gonna be extra special. Can’t wait. 😍

Photo credit: Google Images

Kit Kat Log from BreadTalk looks really yummy! 😋

Just received my first 红炸弹 for 2018!

Definitely a first for me to receive one with personalised hot stamping seal. 😍

Was scrolling through my camera roll and realised that I didn’t post this the other day.

Something very bling and has the iridescent effect. #chanel

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