Time to head home 🚗🤱🏻

Finally changed into my own clothes and ready to head home with Baby R. 🤱🏻☺️

Luckily the nurses have arranged a hamper trolley for us to carry our hampers and gifts so that we can managed our own stuff.

First car ride 🚗

Why the tummy still so big, still looking very preggy 🤰🏻(first time using this emoji 🤣)

#dayrepregnancy #dayremummies

A moment of peace finally ☺️ #iamrenelle

An 👼🏻 only when she’s asleep. 😅

Celebratory dinner at my ward last evening. 🍾

A nice gesture for the parents to enjoy before facing havoc at home.

It’s not a champagne btw, just apple juice. 😂