First car seat ride // Baby R’s Birth Story

Day out to my in-law place again.

First time in a car seat. Baby R seems to like it. ☺️

Eyes closed while the car is in motion. Once the car is stationary, she opened her eyes.

Little chickee 🐤from MIL.


Another gift for Baby R from one of the relative. 😍


Her hands are forever so busy 🤦🏻‍♀️


Baby R’s Birth Story

Reckon I should pen down my baby’s birth story while my memory is still fresh.

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Once you have reached your full term at 37 weeks, the waiting game starts.

At that point, just do whatever you feel like doing cos once you pop, you may not have the luxury to do it.

The feeling of not knowing when the real deal is coming is quite scary.

To be frank, even by 37 weeks, I’m not mentally ready to be a Mother. 😂

I was hoping for my baby to be born in the month of December.

So yeap, I was really praying hard that baby will continue to bake inside my tummy till at least 39 weeks. 🙏🏻

D-Day – 3 Dec 2017

Hasn’t been able to sleep well especially much so from 37 weeks onwards.

So much in my mind, wondering what’s going to happen when the moment really comes.

Started from around 4.17am. I was feeling some sort of sharp pain at my lower abdomen. Quite hard to describe the feeling, and I couldn’t really tell if they are contractions or cramps. Same same but different? 🤷🏻‍♀️

So immediately I took my phone and record down the timings. Each pain lasted around 1 minute with interval of 5-8 mins.

I was worried that it may be a false alarm (I’ve read so many cases where mummies-to-be rushed to the hospital and were sent back home) so I decided to just monitor and see how it goes.

I monitored till 6am and perhaps it’s an instinct, I decided to check on my pantyliner and noticed that there was some brownish discharge.

I guess it’s time then. ☺️

So off I went to the next door to wake my mum up and told her we need to head to the hospital.

It was as if we have a simulation prior to that.

Everyone just woke up immediately and then get into their respective positions and started to prep. 😂

I immediately called my hubs. Was so worried that he will miss my calls cos it’s damn hard to wake him up. 😅

To my surprise, he answered my call almost immediately. Told him to go for shower cos it’s time I needed to head to the hospital.

Guess he was really kancheong, half an hour later he called and asked where was I. He was already at the delivery suite. 😂

Told him relax lah.. I still need to eat my breakfast leh 😆

He should come and pick us lah 🤣

The real deal now. On the way to the hospital.

The admission letter. Gynae advised me to bring along this wherever I go from 37 weeks onwards.

Because of this, I couldn’t carry my mini bags. 😆

Time when reached the hospital.

Screenshot this to commemorate the moment.

Feeling slight contraction every now and then so I could still walk in a very relax mode.

Walked into the delivery suite and passed the admission letter to the nurse.

At that point she said only the Husband is allowed to the delivery suite. So Mum, Sis and Niece had to wait outside.

She then brought us to this suite.

I was still quite chill when I walked to the delivery suite.

I kept asking the nurse is this for real or is it just a false alarm. 😆

Apparently it was for real and I have already dilated 1-2cm.

The nurse said it won’t be that fast, on
average it’s around 1cm per hour.

See.. I could still take a selfie with the hubs. The hubs looked like he didn’t sleep at all the night before. 🤷🏻‍♀️

With needles poked into my hand, I could still take selfie. 🤣

They started some medication drip for me to speed up the contractions.

By then I started to feel more painful but not to that level kind of pain that I see in movies, still pretty tolerable.

By then I’ve already decided that I don’t want to be a hero and asked to administer epidural for me cos I’ve heard stories that it may not be in time for it when you asked for it.

The nurse asked me to read through this consent form for the epidural.

It looks kinda scary knowing the side effects but I don’t care lah cos I’m fully aware of my pain tolerance level. 😂

What happened next is pretty fast and furious.

By 11am+, I was already 6cm dilated. My gynae came in and out a few times, he said the labour should take place around 2-3pm.

Mum went back home to fry sesame oil fried rice for me cos she reckon I’ll be hungry after I popped.

The midwife came in to check on my dilation progress a few times, she was rather surprised on how fast I was. She even commented that my baby has lots of hair. 😆

At around 1pm, my gynae came back in again to check on me, my blood pressure and baby’s heartbeat rate.

He said that I was already 8-10cm dilated and may have to start pushing soon.

He explained that I was bleeding quite excessively then so they have to stand by the vacuum device to assist with the labour if need be.

Next he asked me to go into position, and start pushing. I wasn’t really prepared then and furthermore my hubs wasn’t around at that point.

A moment like this, I really hope that my mum is next to me. 😥

Was feeling very lonely and helpless then. Luckily the nurses and the midwife were very supportive and helpful.

And so I started a few push. Luckily my hubs came back after that. He’s very scare of blood so he didn’t dare to go near. But knowing his presence that at least rest my mind as I was afraid that he will miss the MOMENT.

As I push, I could feel my tears falling down. 😭 The nurses were all shocked and kept asking me what happened? I couldn’t respond and just continue to shake my head and cry.

To my surprise, I wasn’t scare of the process and my excessive bleeding but was rather worried for my baby.

I continued to make a few more pushes and then at the last push, the gynae concurrently vacuumed my baby out.

Baby R was finally out. Phew!

I was so relieved and touched at that MOMENT. ☺️

Then I started to shiver non-stop like mad. Apparently this is caused by the epidural and triggered after the exerting strength during the push.

After making sure the baby is ok, the nurse came in and told me that I had to stay bedridden at the delivery suite.

Couldn’t get out of bed then yet as they still have to put me under observation due to my excessive bleeding and I was also having fever then. 😔

At that point, I was feeling rather frustrated. Cos it’s just wait and wait.

One hour of waiting turned out to be an hour and an hour more.

I know that my Mum and sis must be worried sick cos they have been waiting outside the delivery suite since 7.30am.

I can’t wait to get out and share what had happened with my Mum.

It was already 5.50pm by the time my gynae gave the green light for me to be sent to my ward.

The four hours of waiting was really torturing.

Baby R’s first pic.

After monitoring her breathing and cleared the rest of the protocol, she was allowed to be sent to the nursery first while I was left waiting in the delivery suite.

That’s our first separation since birth.

My first pic with Baby R.

I asked for a pic with her before she was sent to the nursery. ☺️

Our first family pic 😍

Didn’t know that the nursery will only fully clean the newborn babies after they are born more than 24 hours.

Only got to know when I told the nurse they didn’t clean Baby R’s hair properly.

So while during my stay at the hospital, Baby R’s hair was kinda sticky. 😂

This pretty sums up my baby’s birth story. 😉

Gotta say that this whole motherhood thingy is really surreal.

And the switch from being pregnant and being a mother is almost instantly. There’s almost no time to rest and adjust your mindset.

Everyday is a learning process for me. 😉