Baby R’s newborn shoot

Just received the photos from Baby R’s newborn shoot. 😍

Doing some selection for further retouch.

Selection is always hard. Which is why we spent a bomb during our PWS.

Till this day, the hubs still can’t get over how much he has spent on those pics and ended up the album are chucked in the cabinet. 😂

Decision. Decision.

This is probably one of my fave! 😍

The rare few when she was still wide awake.

#iamrenelle #dayrepregnancy #dayremummies

I wouldn’t know how to carry her this way without the help of the photographer.

It’s really amazing that Baby R could sleep through the whole 2 hours session.

Happy birthday to my hubs!

He’s not that particular about his own birthday.

Since I’m confined at home this year, guess I’ll probably get sis to help me get a cake for him later.

No 🎁 for him though haha.

Popo is here from Penang for a few days to visit her youngest great grandchildren.

So good to see Popo again. 😘

What a precious moment when the two met.

Popo gonna celebrate her 90th birthday end of the year, a pity I couldn’t be back as I’m still in confinement.

Feel quite bad that Mum has to miss the event too as she has to take care of me and Baby R.

Baby R stayed awake to celebrate her Daddy’s Birthday.

Thanks sis for getting the cake!