Taking a break from confinement food today.

Vegetarian Bee Hoon, happy that Popo gave me the green light. 😆

Counting down, can’t wait for my confinement to be over.

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Hubs bought over a feast yesterday to celebrate our ROM anniversary.

I was so happy to see my favourite rojak.

But Mum and Popo said no. I can’t eat cos the prawn paste very 毒.

I can only eat it after four months. Huh? Why like that?

My life now – sleep, eat, take care of baby, pump milk on repeat mode 😂

But looking at this face.. no complaint lah.

Really salute my mum the way how she takes care of me and Baby R. 妈妈真的好伟大.

Very thankful to her for being so selfless and her unconditional love.

Now that I’m a Mum myself, I do find myself appreciating her more. 😍

#momslife #dayremummies #dayrepregnancy

On a side note, Happy 冬至!

No 汤圆 to eat this year! 😆

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