Happy Hatch Day to us! 🎉

Think this was probably one of our first photo. Those were the days when we still have to take photos with a cam with a film.

Unlike now when we can take photos unlimitedly (so long you have ample storage space in your phone or cam) in this digital world.

That makes this photo even more precious. 😍

We were so identical that one of us have to wear a beads bracelet to differentiate us since birth 😆

Cheese topokki made by my nieces. Inspired by their fave food street at Myeongdong.

@chloeyingen even specially bought these cups. 😍

似模似样哦! 😋 I can only see cannot eat though.

Awww.. a sweet surprise indeed.

We were wondering how come there’s a delivery at such a timing. 😂

Thanks @surerain, so sweet of you! 😘

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