Baby R’s First Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and this is my first Christmas.

And I’m three weeks old today!

Enjoy your party tonight!! I’m gonna stay home and keep mummy company. 😘


I’m gonna miss Zhor Zhor patting me to sleep when she goes back to Penang tomorrow.

Baby, why you can only behave like an angel when you are asleep?

The moment you are awake, you start your engine and cry for milk.

There’s no moment when you can just lie on your own and chill while awake. 🤦🏻‍♀️

#dayremummies #dayrepregnancy

Out for a spin with the hubs. First time out without Baby R.


Out to get some Shou Tao.

Realised it’s so difficult to find places that sell Shou Tao without having to do advance order.

Found what we wanted. ☺️

Hubs was hungry and bought their char siew and roasted pork bao to try.

Their bao skin is really thin with lots of filling, no wonder so ex 😆 $1.60 for a mini bao.

Baby R received her first X’mas pressie. 🎁

The daddy and mummy didn’t even get her one haha 😆

Thanks @surerain! 😘

Hubs went to dabao a feast back from Long Ji for the family.

Mum cooked me this pomfret beehoon since I couldn’t eat the crab beehoon. 😋

Gonna welcome Christmas in my Santa Claus onsies. Ho Ho Ho..