My Pregnancy Journey 🤰🏻- Part 1

2017 is ending in less than 40 hours. 😱

Some people are very excited and always looking forward to the future.

Unfortunately, I don’t usually fall into this category. 😆

Our Best Gift in 2017!

Time to pen down my pregnancy journey before 2017 ends as this is definitely a big milestone for me. 😆

It all started with this pic.

I just came back for a short Qing Ming trip back from Penang the day before.

My menses was late by just a mere couple of day. Since I have a pregnancy kit which I got a year ago, thought I might as well use it before it gets expired.

Actually it takes a lot of courage to use this as you must be prepared to face disappointment.

That’s one of the reason I didn’t even bother to use it even though I bought a year ago. 😆 Perhaps it’s a mummy instinct to go for it.

My #workootd that particular morning while still feeling surreal if I’m really pregnant or not.

Called my gynae while on the way to work to fix an appointment during lunch.

Was quite lucky to get a slot as it’s usually quite packed on Mondays.

Glad that my hubs accompanied me to my first gynae check.

3 April 2017 – Week 4

My gynae affirmed that we are having a baby. It’s just a little small dot then.

How were we feeling then? Actually we were both quite calm about it.

Don’t dare to be over excited as it is still in an early stage. 😁

Straight after the check, hubs drove me to my mum’s place and broke the news to her.

That very night, I moved back to my mums place. Cos knowing our working pattens, he wanna entrust my mum to take care of my meals.

Homecooked food is still the best. 😉

17 April 2017 – Week 6

2nd gynae check two weeks later. Was very happy to hear my pregnancy was pretty stable.

Very delighted to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the very first time.

I tried to take my #dressingmybump whenever I go for my gynae check to track the changes.


7 May 2017 – Week 9

Checked out the new #theclosetlover outlet with the sis at Westgate.

I love this floral piece but knowing that I’m expecting then, I have to forego this piece as I’m not sure when will I have a chance to wear it. Sis bought it in the end.

Pregnancy will definitely lead to lots of changes in your life and lifestyle.

For shopaholics like me, the feeling of can only see and cannot buy is really very cruel. 😆

12 May 2017 – Week 10

Sis likes to drag me along to take #ootd and I’ll try to hide my bump though at this point it looked more like a food baby.

24 May 2017 – Week 11

Took my first #bumpfie and Baby R was the size of a fig then.

27 May 2017 – Week 12

My cousin came over from Penang and she was not aware that I was preggy then. 😆

Ya not only was I secretive at my social media, I did not update my family in Penang about my pregnancy too.

And boy, it’s really not easy to hold a secret. 😅

Anyway, my cousin only got to know about it during our BKK trip a few days later. I had to reveal it to her as she said she didn’t suspect at all even though we were staying in the same room. 😆

31 May 2017 – Week 12

Finally passed my first trimester and was very happy that my gynae gave the green light for me to go ahead with my BKK trip with my fam and my cousin.

Throughout the trip I was super careful, I tried to walk super slow as I’m very prone to falls especially when the floor is wet. 😅

At Week 9, I did the NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Test) Test. Basically it’s just a blood test which was sent to Silicon Valley to diagnose if my baby is healthy or not.

Gotta wait for 4 weeks for the result.

Received a call from my gynae while I was in BKK.

The suspense of not knowing if your baby is healthy is really nerve wrecking.

Thankfully, the result was fine. The nurse also asked if I want to know my baby’s gender. It’s 99.9% accurate.

I said yes and at that point, my mum, sis and cousin were with me. We were all rejoiced when we knew that it’s a girl.

I didn’t reveal it to my hubs though. 😆Waited for my gynae to tell him during the next check.

2 June 2017 – Week 13

The only #dressingthebump shot that I took and posted on my IG.

No need to purposely hide. I liked it that’s the dress is baggy. ☺️


9 June 2017 – Week 14

I finally told my boss about my pregnancy so as to prepare him that I can’t carry heavy stuff as I was assigned to help out at an event.

I also took the chance to tell this colleague of mine. She told me actually they have been suspecting as they noticed my bump. 😂

From that day onwards, it’s much easier at work as I no longer need to hide.

Colleagues tend to be more understanding towards preggy. They also share tips like things to look out, what r the Dos and Don’ts.

16 June 2017 – Week 15

My 4th gynae check. My Brother and his family came over for a visit from Penang.

Again, I was waiting for them to ask me when they noticed my bump.

Wait and wait but no one asked leh.

My mum cannot wait liow, broke the news to them by showing them the ultrasound pics. 😂

17 June 2017 – Week 15

Went for a road trip to Malacca with my family. It was my 4th visit to Malacca whilst a first for most of my family.

Actually many penangites have never been to Malacca due to its geographical location. It’s actually much faster to travel to Singapore from Penang than to Malacca.

That’s why my bro and his family came over to Singapore first and my hubs arranged a mini van to transport 9 of us across the border.

Love the romper from TCL. Can hide my bump. ☺️

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