My Pregnancy Journey 🤰🏻- Part 2

Sorry to those who camped yesterday.

Didn’t had the chance to finish the post as I planned to. 😅

Baby R woke up for her feed at 10 plus last night and have to attend to her. I was so tired and fell asleep at 12-ish.

My poor Mum had to carry her to put her to sleep and only managed to put her to bed at 2am.

#momslife #dayremummies #dayrepregnancy

I’ll continue with my post today. Hopefully I can finish 😆

24 June 2017 – Week 16

Sis posted this pic on her IG and a fren actually asked her if I’m preggy.

Can you tell? 😆

8 July 2017 – Week 18

Wearing maternity shorts here.

Didn’t want to spend too much on maternity wear. So I got a few maternity shorts from TB. Each cost less than $8.

Can mix and match with my normal tops. ✌🏻

13 July 2017 – Week 19

Attended TCL first styling session with my sis. Finally took a pic with the Wong Sisters.

Wearing this TCL embroidery dress which lasted me till my full term.

It also helped to conceal my bump during my first and second trimester. ✌🏻😉

#theclosetlover #dressingthebump

15 July 2017 – Week 19

Sis helped me took this Boomerang video and asked me to post to my IG to announce my pregnancy.

I chose to keep it in my camera roll till today. 😆

Why? Partly cos I was shy haha 😆

23 July 2017 – Week 20

Cousin came over from Taipei for a visit. Took a day leave to bring them shopping around town.

My bump was pretty visible then. I was expecting my couz to notice it the moment she stepped out at the arrival hall.

To my surprise, she didn’t. 😂

And Mum couldn’t tahan and had to break the news to her when we were home.

I literally have to walk in front of her and showed her my bump. 🤰🏻

I thought as a mummy herself, she’ll be more sensitive and will notice it herself.

Guess I was wrong 😂

My couz was craving for durians cos only Thai durians are available in Taipei.

So we held a durian party at home before her trip back the following day.

It’s a privilege to be able to spam on those durians when you are pregnant and don’t have to worry about putting on weight. 🙈

But I’ll try to limit to once or twice per month until my gynae said no more durians when I was around Week 32 as baby seems to be on a bigger size.

Baby can’t be too big as I was aiming for natural birth. 🙆🏻‍♀️

9 August 2017 – Week 23

My National Day ootd. Sis insisted that I have to wear red and white for my niece’s birthday but I didn’t have anything to wear.

So shopaholic Sis came to the rescue. Everything she also has. 🤦🏻‍♀️😅


27 Aug 2017 – Week 25

Had to work through the whole week. 7 days in a row.

Took this shot and thought it’s been a while since I last posted my #aotd on my IG, so perhaps I can use this pic to announce on my pregnancy.

Again it never make it to the squares. 😆

Many people asked if I’m still driving when I’m pregnant.

Yes I did. In fact I drove until around 36-37 weeks.

From 37 weeks onwards, my mum didn’t allow me to go out on my own. Just in case I need to pop. 😆

10 September 2017 – Week 27

Bought this super comfy Tshirt from H&M when I was about 15 weeks preggy.

It was a good investment, $14.90 and lasted me till full term. I can still wear it postpartum. ✌🏻

16 September 2017 – Week 26

Brunch date with my mum and sis.

Wearing my 250 baht gingham dress from BKK.

Wore this dress till my early third trimester, have to drop wearing it when the front got shorter and shorter. 🙈

22 September 2017 – Week 29

In my 3rd trimester. Wearing a maternity dress which I wore till full term.

Love the thin fabric, very stretchy and it’s super comfy.

Decided to invest in it cos it’s nursing friendly too. ✌🏻

28 September 2017 – Week 30

This was taken after my gynae check on my last working day.

I’ve decided to start my break early from work so that I don’t have to stress over work.

Noticed the white envelop? That’s the letter from my gynae which allowed me to travel back to Penang.

Most of the airlines will require a letter from your gynae if you are traveling from Week 28 onwards.

30 September 2017 – Week 30

Made a short trip back to Penang. Main purpose was to visit my grandma as Mum and I will have to give her 90th birthday celebration in December a miss as I’ll still be in my confinement then.

6 October 2017 – Week 31

Joined my colleagues to celebrate our big boss’s birthday.

Did you notice that my apron is different from the rest? Cos mine is with radiation protection, specially for preggys.

They even provide me with a backrest.

7 October 2017 – Week 31

Went LB with sis as I wanted to find something app for my upcoming maternity shoot.

Had to size up to M as I couldn’t fit Size S PTP already. 😅

Also tried on this pleated dress. Very preggy friendly, didn’t get as I looked like a cow in it. 😆 #lovebonito

13 October 2017 – Week 32

Went for a staycation and arranged for my maternity shoot in my room.

Didn’t arrange for any outdoor shoot as I’m super scared of the heat outside.

I’m always feeling very hot when I was preggy.

Feeling like a cow here. 🤣

We sucked at cheesy poses.

Kailian the Photograher even asked how we managed to take our PWS photos cos we are always laughing and giggling. 😂

14 October 2017 – Week 32

Attended my colleague’s wedding. Love the pleated dress so much that I bought both the navy and white. 😉

15 October 2017 – Week 32

Another preggy friendly number from TCL which I wore till full term too. ✌🏻

21 October 2017 – Week 33

Attended BSB concert with sis. Finally can sit on the privileged seat on the train on our way home.

Walked more than 10k steps that day as it was a super long walk to the entrance.

I got a bit paranoid and can’t help getting worried if the 10k steps may induce labour since my gynae already told me not to walk too much.

26 October 2017 – Week 34

Sent my sis, SIL and my nieces off at the airport, so sad that I couldn’t join the annual Seoul trip.

Travelling is probably the biggest sacrifices you have to make when you are preggy. More sacrifices ahead when the little one is out. 😅

I didn’t think of that until now when I’m going through it.

10 November 2017 – Week 36

My bump seems to have ballooned a lot.

11 November 2017 – Week 36

#bumpfie at Week 36.

This knit dress is super stretchable. 👍🏻

12 November 2017 – Week 36

Attended the last wedding of 2017. Very happy that my 3 years old #innitbangkok dress came in handy.

Never have the chance to wear it.

Can spot my bump? Quite heavily pregnant then. 😆

15 November 2017 – Week 37

Look at how round my bump was then.😆

Isn’t this gabby cute!

Gabby in medium looks pretty ok with my bump then.

17 November 2017 – Week 37

Started drinking fresh coconut water from Week 37.

I never like fresh coconut, but just drink for the sake of drinking since Mum said it’s good for labour, supposedly help to have “cleaner” (Guess she meant less bloody) baby during labour. 😆

18 November 2017 – Week 37

A TEM dress which I owned before I got preggy.

It’s very stretchy so it lasted me till full term, in fact I was wearing it when I checked in to the delivery suite. 😁

1 December 2017 – Week 39

Took this shot before I went for my last gynae check, 2 days before labour.

My gynae told me to admit myself if there’s still no sign of labour by 8 December.

Glad I managed to complete this post.

Overall my whole pregnancy was pretty smooth and I’m really thankful for that.

No morning sickness, no special cravings throughout the whole pregnancy.

The only hormonal change was always feeling cold during my first trimester. I have to wear a jacket wherever I go which is very rare as I’m not afraid of cold. 😅

2018 is less than an hour away!

Many challenges ahead as a new mummy.

Bring it on and jiayou everyone! Happy 2018!

On a side note, Happy 4 weeks!