Happy 2018 everyone!

Didn’t really get to enjoy the joyous moment as we stepped into the new year as it was just a normal night, preparing Baby R to bed. 😅

Hope you have had a fab time with your loved ones!

Glad it’s a wrap. It’s not easy planning a party. 😅

Really salute to those who can still DIY their dessert table and decor.

Thank you Aunties and Uncles for joining my full month celebration. So glad to have you at my first event.

So sorry if I haven’t been a good host.

Thank you for showering me with many presents and AP. 😘

I’m so blessed. #iamrenelle

Glad I insisted to have a dessert table set up for the event. It just feel a little bit empty without it leh.

My hubs still don’t understand why need a dessert table. 😆

Not too extravagant as we didn’t to spend a bomb on it.

I didn’t get to try any of the pastries though, hope they were good.