Baby R is 1 month old!

Finally received the alphabets pillow for Baby R. 😍

Suppose to receive it before Christmas.

Oh well, better than don’t receive lah haha

Are you done Mummy? I wanna sleep already 😴

Happy 1 Month! 😘

#iamrenelle #dayrepregnancy #dayremummies

Finally done with distributing the full month cakes!

Opted for this pink chick box cos it’s so cute!

The message card also very cute hee.. each comes with a 4R message card. ☺️

We opted for the more traditional combi which comes with Ang Ku Kueh, red egg and glutinous rice.

Come, let’s take a selfie 😉

Went for Baby R’s first haircut before dinner. 😉

She was pretty cooperative at first, probably still trying to figure out what’s happening. 😆

Look at her two fists. 😆

The hair stylist asked if we wanna shave Baby R’s hair, I was the first to object.

Can’t bear to shave off her spiky hair leh 😆

I cannot accept a bald Baby R too. 😆

My hubs told me in the past they shaved off hair as well as eyebrow too. 😱

Hubs said let’s eat out tonight in celebration of Baby R’s one month and he asked me to suggest.

I chose Jap food cos I’m gonna spam on salmon sashimi. 😋

Today marks my 18th work anniversary with my company. Same for my sis.

青春都卖给公司了 😅

Can us loyal or what haha 🤣