1 Month Old check! 👶🏻

One month check up at the Paediatrician. 😉

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Baby R has grown 6.5cm to 54.5cm since birth. ☺️

⚖️ And +1.3kg since 3 weeks ago.

Snoozing away while the doc is checking on her.

Doc asked if Baby is always crying and always seem to be very frustrated.

He said her frustration is due to Baby R being colicky. Not her temper. My mum was quite skeptical about this though. 😆

Got the med and had to give her before her feed.

Is colic common among newborns?


Lunch after Baby R’s doc appt..

Vegetarian phad thai for me cos I was told I still can’t eat prawns and seafood (Other than fish). 😞

I always thought I can eat anything once confinement is over.

I miss my rojak, prawns, cockles, sotong, and many many more 😭