Baby R’s passport photo 📷 . PPP’s Big Day 👰🏻

Attending my friend’s wedding tonight and the dress code is formal.

I don’t know what to wear! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Brought Baby R out to take her passport photo.

Sleeping so soundly 😂

Luckily she woke up when I carried her out from her stroller.

Quick lunch while waiting for the photos to be ready.

Here’s my Yuzu-Miso Salmon Soba. 😋

Look like a boy boy leh.. luckily Baby R is in pink 😂

#iamrenelle #dayremummies

PPP’s Big Day

Ang Pao prepped!

I feel so underdressed lor.. 😂

This is probably the most posh wedding I’ve attended to-date.

Even the couple wedding initials are on the sliding doors.

The pretty bride. 👰🏻😍

终于长大了! So happy to be part of your big day.

She’s still as bubbly as N years back when I’ve known her when she interned at my department.

Secretly wished that I have a waist like her 😍

Doing what I enjoyed most at weddings 😂

Their PWS photos are so breathtaking 😍

It was my first visit to J W Marriott.

Another breathtaking moment as we stepped into the Grand Ballroom.

“Wow” was my first reaction I remembered. In fact, I said it many times. That’s how much I was awed by it. 😍

I have never seen a stage with such a beautiful layout and backdrop. 😍

Beautiful flower piece at our table.. simplicity sometimes really works wonder.

The metal fixtures hanging from the ceiling, just simply makes all the photos even more magical.

How nice to have this beautiful picture as the backdrop while the newlyweds are giving their thank you speeches. 😍

The Yum Seng Moment 🥂🍾

I had two abalones cos someone donated to me while I gave up my fish maw in return. 😂

Omg her gown.. so pretty 😍

After Party to end the night.

With mummy’s duties and painful breasts, I had to call it a day after dessert. 😂