Baby R is 6 Weeks Old!

Snapped this smiling moment of Baby R smiling to her Ah Ma while mum was about to carry her to her bath.

How precious! 😍

#iamrenelle #dayremummies

Happy 6th Week my little precious! 😘

First Mac since I popped.

So sad, no more Samurai Burger. 😭

Didn’t know Mac has cheesy fries.

Think the toppings are turkey bacon bits.

Upgraded my meal to get this cheesy loaded fries. Not bad me think.

My current view.

Still feeling very surreal that this little human was still baking in my tummy 6 weeks ago.

Yay!! Mum gave the green light – finally I can eat prawns and sotong since I have reached 6 weeks mark today.

Happy like a bird! 😄

Spam on salmon! 😋

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