Fulfilling Yiyi’s duties.. picking the niece from school.

It was still so sunny while I reached.

A sudden downpour. ☔️

Baby R gazing at Ah Ma while she’s talking to her. 😄

😍 #iamrenelle

Popped by Popstation to collect my parcel.

Glad the romper fits well. Now with my current postpartum figure, always have to worry about the bust and the bum.

Still one size up from my pre-pregnancy weight. 😅

Luckily the bust fits well. 😅

[pardon the dirty mirror]

Baby R hasn’t been very cooperative in drinking milk recently.

She was able to finish her milk initially. Have increased her intake to 120ml when she was 3 weeks old.

It’s still at 120ml till now (despite already almost 1 month) and for the recent 2 weeks, she will get very cranky and will start turning her head away when left about 30ml. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Always thought that we should be increasing her intake as baby grows.

Am thinking of reducing her intake to 90ml #dayremummies, any advice?