First Zara Online Purchase . Baby R’s First Potty Session

Scams scams.. now even Bitcoins comes into the picture. Beware folks!

My first Zara online purchase!

Didn’t expect the box to be so big hee 😅

Thanks sis for helping with the collection and lugging this back home.😘

Second tweed purchase this week 🙈😂

I have a soft spot for ⭐️

So cute leh.. only $39.90 after discount, how to resist. 😆

#dayreshopaholics #zara

Glad it fits, no need to return. ✌🏻😉

Baby R’s first potty session today!

Though it’s not successful yet, gotta go through this every day to train her.

Hopefully she will get the drill soon. 😄✌🏻

#dayremummies #iamrenelle