Ferragamo sale 👠 . Baby R is 8 Weeks Old!

Checking out Ferra sales.. so crowded.


This crochet Varina quite nice.. think it was around $470+ after discount..

Stilettos on sale as well, quite rare to see a black on sale..

Not for me though, I’ll sure fall in these 😆


The denim one quite cute, tried it on but think it doesn’t quite suit me.

The mens selection is not too bad as well..

Was checking out this sandal for the hubs.. $316 after discount.

Didn’t dare to buy as they said no exchange.

Better bring him to try first..

Anyway they told me they are going to stock up more sandals designs for mens later tonight or tomorrow.

I like the brown one with a pop of yellow colour..


Gotta rush back to pump before heading to MIL place.

A pity the additional 10% disc doesn’t apply for this Ferra sale though.

The Ferra sale is till coming Tuesday if you are keen. 😉


Off to her 奶奶house..

Happy 8 weeks my baby 😘 #iamrenelle

Lunch prepared by MIL.. damn big bowl.


It’s been a while. 😋

Nowadays I tend to look for top which is nursing friendly and I’ll go for size M straightaway as it’s damn depressing when I look like a bazhang in S.😆

Though I’m not DL, it’s still more convenient to wear these when I’m pumping.

Sizing runs big so Size S fits better, at least can still see a bit of waist 😂

Quick dinner on the go so that we can save time.

It’s already a luxury to be out for a walk while Mum is taking care of baby. Thankful for that.

Mum is always the best.

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