Finally took this out to use. It was a gift from my bro.

Gotta monitor Baby R as she seems to have caught the flu bug from her Daddy.

She seems to have slight stuffed nose, can hear her breathing very hard when she’s sleeping.

Very amazed by how this non-contact thermometer works.

So useful for babies. 👶🏻

Thank goodness that she’s not having any fever. Please keep it that way. 🙏🏻


Just point to her forehead and you will get a response in less than 1 second.

Baby R’s wake up for milk look 😉 #iamrenelle

For those who’s keen, got the infrared thermometer from this Qoo10 shop “Bann & Co”.

There’s a time sale price now, selling at $12.99. They have 8 units left in their stock.

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