Finally! I see new fonts at my IG stories!

Love the new type function at IG stories!

Yay, finally I can use these new fonts. 👏🏻

Oh ya, I’m one of the minority who hasn’t been updated with the latest fonts at IG stories and I have been envying the rest for the longest time.

Wonder why? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I even tried to uninstall and reinstall but nothing happened. 😆

Baby R seems to like her new bib. ☺️

Not so much for her drooling cos she’s still young, not at that stage yet.

It’s for her posset milk. She will posset milk even though she has burped after her feed. I wonder why? 😁

Is this normal? #dayremummies

Sometimes have to use more than 10 hankies in one day. 😅

This lace number is calling me.

How? Should I? 😍


One of my fave CNY snacks – this was made by my MIL.

Mum said these are better than those that she bought from the market. Cos thicker, 比较有口感. 😋

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