My lazy lunch!

My hubs always said I’m food deprived cos I don’t eat pork.

Now that there’s fish bak kwa, I’m not deprived of Bak Kwa anymore. 😆

Checking out #lovebonito flash sales while pumping milk. Baby R is napping awayZ ☺️

The sales is till 6 Feb 2359, 15% off with disc code [LUCKY15]

Love watching her clenching her fists when she drinks her milk. 😆 #iamrenelle

Yay finally got my Haylia Off Shoulder Ruffle Hem Dress.

Glad it fits well. It’s a great LBD to grab if you can’t think of what to wear to fancy dinner. ☺️


Baby R only drank half of her milk (60ml) and started crying murder and refused to drink the rest.

Last fed was at 8pm and it’s already way past 11pm and she’s still not crying for milk.

Other than worried, also heart pain having to pour away the remaining BM 😭


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