My love for Blue Bags 💙💙

Was scrolling through my old IG photos as my friend wanted to see how my MCM backpack looks like..

… then I realised that I seem to have a fetish for blue bags. 😂

Perhaps I should do a post on my blue collection haha.. 🤔

There was a period when I was simply obsessed with anything with skulls.

#balenciaga #toywatch

YSL Belle De Jour large clutch bag in navy.

I have since sold away since I hardly used it anymore.

This item happened to be my first #Reebonz closet sale too. 😉


There was also a period I was obsessed with anything camo. Actually I still do now. 😆

Love this clutch which my sis bought for me from Seoul. 💙

Celine Trapeze Medium with Cobalt Blue Water Snake Leather, my CNY bag for Year 2013.

Bought this bag before Celine came out with the small size which fits my frame better.

I’m letting go of this bag at 50% off it’s retail price if anyone is keen. Only for dayre readers. 😉

Condition is still in pristine condition.

#celine #selling

It makes a really good work bag. 💙

Celine Large Trio which I waited so long for the stock to come in.

But somehow I didn’t get the chance to use it and had since sold it while it’s still BNWT.

I’ve used my small trio in red more often though.

Another Celine in my collection.

Also waited very long for this bag – micro luggage in cobalt blue grained leather.

Though I rarely use this now, still can’t bear to sell this off. 😁

Mulberry Mini Alexa which I got from London during my last trip there in 2014.

It’s a great weekend bag and pretty spacious too.


Balenciaga clutch with giant studs, one of my most used clutch.

It’s been neglected for quite a while though.

Foresee I may not be using it very often in future too especially with my little one now. ☺️


Chloe Drew Bag in Medium.

This bag was one of the IT bag then in 2015. I was torn between this navy and black and opted for this at the end.

This size was pretty spacious and I opted for medium as I prefer to wear this bag one side at my shoulder instead of crossbody (small size comes with longer strap).


That’s me on the right.

Wearing my Chanel WOC in Navy during my cousin’s wedding.

I’ve since sold it away as I still prefer my square mini.


Was searching for my first square mini during my last trip to Paris in 2014.

A pity no luck then.

Was so happy that I chanced upon this at London Heathrow Airport during my return trip. It was a pretty shade of blue and in caviar leather SHW.

However, my heart really sunk when I opened this from my luggage. The stupid SA did not bother to insert those papers to keep the bag shape, which explained why there was a dent at the left hand corner. 😭


I only used it once during Mother’s Day in 2014 and managed to sell it off at a pretty good price when I bought my square mini in black caviar.

Gone are the days when I still bother to accessorize. 😂

Here’s my #chanel easy flap in cobalt blue, a seasonal design which is so popular as it looks like a classic flap but only at a fraction of the price of a classic flap.

Was so happy to receive this as a gift from the hubs then as I am crazy about cobalt blue.

That’s how it looks like. 💙

The size is in between a medium and a jumbo.

Talking about cobalt blue, this is another of my ultimate love.

Hermès Evelyne in Bleu Electrique PM.

I managed to score another blue – Evelyne in Bleu Sapphire TPM when I was at Osaka airport in 2015. No picture as I haven’t unbox it. 🙈😆


Another blue that used to be in my bag collection – Balenciaga Papier.

The leather was really buttery soft,

I seldom go for this bright colour except for my fave cobalt blue.

I’ve since sold it off as I don’t really like the opening of the bag, too open. I’m very worried I’ll lose my stuff. 😂

Scored this leopard prints Ferra flap during one of the Taka sale.

It was apparently one of my impulse buys as I seldom go for such prints.😂

Only used twice and I have already posted it on my Reebonz Closets as I don’t foresee myself using it anymore.


My love for mini bags started way back in 2014.

Balenciaga Mini City with giant studs, still one of my favourite mini bags.

The giant GHW studs really stood out against again the navy blue.

The mini city is pretty spacious as you can see. 💙