Looks like #weblogit seems not very stable leh.. 🤔

It takes forever to load.. can’t even refresh my notifications.

Guess the platform wasn’t prepared for massive migration of dayreans within such a short span of time.

Kiasu us, all wanna quickly chope an account so that our handle won’t be taken up by someone else. 😂

Nothing to be ashamed of cos I’m one of them hahaha 😂!!

Anyway I just signed on Save Dayre petition.

Thanks @cheerUup for tagging me.

TBH I really don’t mind paying for this micro blogging site leh..

Why is this option not given to us before they decided to close it? 🤔

Whatever alternatives we are exploring now, Dayre is definitely still the best. The communities that we have built to date is simply too precious to just lose. Who agree with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️

I really hope it can stay, I’ll certainly miss my stickers. 🙏🏻 @blog

Ok back to my kiasu-ness. I’m giving WP a try since weblogit doesn’t seem to be very stable leh 🤔 Anyway, shall not judge and try to give it a chance.

Tell you something. I was trying to create a WP account and I got really upset when I saw that my handle has been taken up. Sotong me didn’t even realised that it was ME who have already created the account three years ago 😂

I used my other WordPress acc when I write for chicpatty.com.

Time to monitor Baby R, hopefully the jabs won’t trigger any fever.

Anyway I’ve asked the PD which type of thermometer is more reliable. Apparently the ear thermometer is better.

Now I use the infrared thermometer to track first if it turns red. If turns red then I’ll use the ear thermometer for second opinion cos Baby R feels very irritated I inserted the latter to her ear. 😆

#dayremummies is this what you are doing now?