Baby R is 10 Weeks Old! . My Past CNY Nails

Off to my MIL place.

In the past, only meet my in laws once a month during our monthly lunch or dinner.

Ever since the arrival of Baby R, it’s now a weekly affair.

No choice, she’s her first grandchild and she only get to see her once a week.

Ok, I must learn to be a more understanding daughter in law. 💪🏻

#iamrenenelle #dayremummies

Of late, Baby R has started to suck and lick on her mittens.

Maybe it’s time to take off her mittens. 🤔

MIL cooked fried Hokkien mee today.

My SIL’s CNY nails. 🐶

So cute! She got her manicurist to draw her two doggies on her nails.

Now with the little one, no more mood to do my nails liow. 😆

Before I become a Mother, I will always make it an effort to do my nails for CNY.

Year of the 🐔 ➡️ @charmmy3030:280117

Year of the 🐵 ➡️ @charmmy3030:070216

Decided to go for the floral theme instead of the zodiac sign that year.

Year of the 🐑 ➡️ @charmmy3030:170215

Year of the 🐴 ➡️ @charmmy3030:260114

Spent 4 hours doing these nails. Don’t think I have the luxury to do these now. 😂

Pizza for dinner tonight!

Love this Teriyaki Salmon pizza from Pezzo!

When 🇮🇹 meets 🇰🇷. ☺️

Downloaded #Steller yesterday. Only set my profile pic but haven’t explore it yet.

Not sure if it’s good.

Anyway, I think #weblogit seems quite ok. Have tried some posts.

Just that the app itself is not too stable, probably their server couldn’t handle the surge of migrated Dayreans. Hopefully the developers will do something to resolve these stability issues.

I also dislike the colours leh.. why everytime have to ask us choose colour, can’t we set some personal preference or something? 😆

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