Finally feeling a bit like CNY . Advanced V-Day celebration

Bought this orange tray for my house.

The 🍊 iron patch on is so cute!

There are many designs to choose on, we get to choose one free iron patch on.

These embroidery patch ons are so pretty right!

The embroidery patch ons really helps to liven up the cushions.

Opted for the oranges one..

So cute!! 😍

Still haven’t receive any email from The Dayre Team on the backup leh.

Any one of you receive already?

They assured that all emails will be sent in batches within today 13 Feb, we shall wait and see. 🤔

Date night out with the hubs..

I think it’s for V-Day lah (cos he never say) since we have reunion dinner tomorrow 😁

I chose Aston cos I wanna eat their salad buffet 😋

My main course, I love their jacket potato! 😋

Hub’s ribeye..

They served mandarin oranges today..

I always make it a point to have my soft serve since it’s part of the buffet. 😋

Oh god, I looked so tired 😅

Blue ensemble #ootd

👜: #balenciaga
👟: #chanel

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