Happy V Day! . Unboxing after 11 mths . Reunion Dinner

Happy V Day everyone!

Hubs sent me a V Day message at 12am sharp, I didn’t reply immediately cos I actually dozed off while pumping milk. 😂

No fancy dinner this year but never mind, cos throughout our 10 years together, we only went to two fancy dinner (those V Day set dinner kind).

First time was before I became his gf. 😆

Second time was last year. I was damn shocked cos usually we will just settle our dinner at some zichar or smtg. @charmmy3030:140217

Went back to my home yesterday to pack some stuff and also to take my CNY bag.

I have the habit of keeping my new bag (except mini bags since not big enough to keep the red packets) for CNY. 😆 新年新包嘛!

So I 顺便quickly took some unboxing shots (this bag was bought in March 17).

Hide it inside this black bag and didn’t take the whole box cos my mum will nag “又买bag” again. 😅

See, still the old packaging.

Now I think they changed to the harder case one.

#chanel #charmmyloveschanel

Black ♠️

Probably can tell what this is already. 😉

Here goes 😉

I was so excited when my sis’s SA told the stock is in.

I immediately asked my hubs to bring me to MBS.

Was contemplating between the mini and the small then.

Decided to go for small size in the end as the mini is really too small.

Did a review previously on the mini on me. @charmmy3030:100317

Didn’t know I was preggy then. Hubs offered to sponsor me that bag, guess I’ll take it as my advanced push gift. 😆

It comes with an AVA cert because of the lizard handle. Oh it’s a water monitor lizard. 😅

Bro and his family came over from Penang to spend CNY with us.

Brought them for their favourite ice cream after we dropped off our last batch of clothings to Refash.

My Valentine this year 😍 At reunion dinner with my fam last night

Reunion dinner with my fam at House of Bee Hoon.

This is their signature bee hoon but not very nice leh, so bland. Mum said she can’t eat this without her chilli cos no taste 😆

This is the cheese crayfish beehoon, slightly more flavourful. Also nothing to rave about lah.. don’t think we will be back there again 😆

Probably one of their better dish – salted egg squid. I quite like this one.

Actually I’m more used to eating steamboat for reunion dinner.😆

Gonna miss the steamboat session at my 娘家tomorrow as I’ll be at my MIL’s. Sian leh.. luckily it’s steamboat too I’ll be super disappointed.

Free durian potong for all guests if your total spending is more than $50 per table. Not too difficult haha..

Other than potong, they also have ice cream.

The eyelashes looked so weird on him. 😂

The little one gazing at her daddy.

Pardon the tummy 🙈😂