Dayre Backups

I finally clicked on link from The Dayre Team yesterday.

From what I read from other Dayreans, seems that some who clicked on the link a week ago has yet to receive the second email from the team. 🤔

Really wonder what’s happening behind the scene leh..

Anyway, all thanks to @gilliansng for sharing and @dayxport for taking the initiative to help us all here to sort up our backup worries.

Anyway, I have submitted my exporting request yesterday and there wasn’t any queue number.

However till now, nothing seems to have been posted on my wordpress account leh.

I wonder if everything is in order. Not sure if I should submit the request again as I read that we have to be patient and multiple exports may resulted in duplicate posts at my WP.

How ah? 😅

Anyway while waiting for the posts to be exported, I went to explore WP and did some customisation.

Unfortunately think can’t really see the customisation in the mobile version leh. 😆

Still a noob, luckily my bro is in town now, can consult him.

In Q now.. gotta keep refreshing the page. 😅💪🏻

Huh? Why like that?

Then how? Gotta start all over again? 😭😭

[3.13pm] – Aiyah the server is down now, no wonder. Now gotta wait again. 😅

Shall keep myself busy by reading on other Dayre posts and pumping milk at the same time while waiting for the server to be up.

[5.13pm] server is back again but I was too slow to realise.. the Q is 10k plus again. 😭😭

[5.57pm] : OMG it’s 12K now. 😱

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