I’ve checked through my exported posts on WP.

Sadly to say that 5 months plus of my earliest posts were not being exported over to my WP.

Not sure why. 😔

I’ve tried to create another WP and tried exported again in order to avoid duplicate post on my SP, however some posts were rejected by WP as it has exceeded then capacity that a free WP site offers.

Attempted to export again to my original WP but dayxport doesn’t seem to allow leh. Kept pointing to my second WP free site.

May I should just move on and forget about the five months of missing posts. 🤔

But sentimental part of me said no 🙅🏻‍♀️.

It’s less than a week from the last day of Dayre.

I’ll surely miss everything about Dayre. The stickers especially. 😭

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