My first JJB purchase . Reebonz Atelier sucks 👎🏻

Hello Monday

My first JJB purchase

Wanted to get a BFF in Gingham Style but it doesn’t seem to come in this model so I opted for it in Black Magic instead.


Be Neat in Black Out..

Matchy matchy with the Black Magic BFF 😍

Be Equipped in The Duchess where I can store by breast pump parts. 😆

Anyone tried selling your luxury items to Reebonz Closets before?

I just tried the service and the experience really sucks. 👎🏻 #reebonzclosets

Reebonz Closets has this new feature that you can sell your items to them for shopping credits.

Clicked on “sell now” and then you will see the list of items which has been per-selected by Reebonz among all your items.

Not all my items are here so I presumed that Reebonz has done some sort of shortlisting.

So I decided to give it a try and attempted selling them my Miu Miu Vitello Lux Shopper.

After clicking my intent to sell to them for shopping credits, Reebonz Atelier will review and then give an offer.

As buyer, we can choose to accept or reject.

After I accepted the offer, I have a schedule a collection by a certain date or the offer will lapse.

And so they have collected my item on last Wed and then sent me an email on last Friday that my item has been rejected as it failed their inspection.

Hello!! What do you mean by inspection failed?! Are you questioning on the authenticity of the bag? Well, as a consumer, that’s the first perception that came to my mind.

I purposely didn’t want to give them my receipt as it contains some other items. Anyway, they are a team of professionals so they sure have a way to authenticate.

For a bag that I’ve paid over $1.8k and now I’m selling to them at $300, it’s really 1/6 of the RP.

On what basis did you reject my bag? Of cos I called them and gave them a piece of my mind. And best is they simply refused to tell me a reason. At least tell me in general why certain items are rejected and I’ll be appeased.

I’m damn pissed because the bag is not even old lor. There’s no stain and no scuffing so I really don’t know what’s the basis.

Anyway, I’m going to boycott this!

Look at this bag, it’s still in pristine condition.

The more I see the bag, the more I’m pissed with Reebonz. 😆

No scratches, stains nor any scuffing leh..

Now I really doubt on Reebonz credibility.

As a consumer, it really sucks when you send in an authentic item and they rejected it despite offering such a peanut price.

I really cannot comprehend. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ok, end of my ranting. 😅

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