Finally exported!

Just wanna drop a note to apologise to those who have received 1K+ of email notifications for my dayre posts migration to WP.

I did turned off the email notifications before I clicked on the export button but apparently the email notifications were still triggered.

I’m not too sure why leh.

Anyway, still a noob at WP, I don’t even know how to see my followers and follow other than have to key in URL which I find very troublesome leh.

Any WP experts here can advise? 😅

You may wonder why the sudden migration when I have already did that last week.

Well apparently after checking, I realised that 5 months of earliest posts were not migrated over.

I tried to delete and start over again but the dayxport page kept bringing back to the hom page and I was kinda stuck.

So for the past 5 days, I was on email correspondences with @dayxport who has even really helpful and very responsive. Apparently the problem I faced was some WP issues.

Dayxport was very kind to liaise with the WP team (who didn’t manage to help though), helped me to debug the problem.

I’m damn happy that all my posts have been exported successfully! 👏🏻

I was feeling really thankful for his/her effort so I’ve decided to send in a little token of my appreciation.

Not a big sum, just wanna contribute.

Though I’ve migrated, I’m still hoping that Dayre will stay.

When will we know the fate, I’m not sure.

If Dayre really closes, it definitely feels like graduation where everyone in this community will 各分东西.

It’s so hard to continue to gather everyone in one space as each alternative has its pros and cons and everyone has their own preference.

I’ll continue to write on Dayre till its doom.

Sincerely hope this day will never come haha 😆

Anyway, kiasu me has already choped a space at the other blogging alternatives.

IG : charmmy3030
WP :
WeBlogIt : charmmy3030
Steller : charmmy3030

Say hi if you are from Dayre if you drop by my other sites ya!