Trying this for fun.. took a while as expected cos I have lots of data for it to analyse haha

I didn’t even realised that I’ve posted so many pics over these years.

No wonder even a premium plan is not enough for me. 😅

My favourite word – “And”

Happened to be same as my twin but hers is “&” which denotes who is the one with little words. 😆

Update on Baby R..

Recently her hair has started to fall. Noticed those little bits of hair on the towel that she’s lying on.

Heard this will probably last 1-2 mths, hopefully won’t drop that much lah. 🙏🏻

Mummy here hair also dropped like mad.. please be kind to me hormones 😅

So sad that CNY is coming to an end.

On a side note, happy to have Dayre survived February. Please stay forever can?

It’s quite scary to learn that we are in the last month of 1st quarter of 2018.

One more quarter, I’ll have to be back to work.

Kinda worrying thinking on how to cope with my work and a baby at the same time. 😅

Luckily managed to get the peanuts 汤圆today.. 可惜don’t have black sesame seed already.

睡到giving herself a tight slap on her face. 😂 #iamrenelle

Impromptu dinner with the hubs and sis.

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