Our Second Nature Experience

It’s always a pleasure to be able to shop and satisfy my cafe cravings.

Can’t recall when was the last time I went to a cafe and shop with the sis ever since the little one is out. 😆

It was my first visit to OSN at Chip Bee Garden with my sis the other day.

It was a weekday so there’s so crowd, not sure how it will be during weekend.

#oursecondnature #osn

Quite like the spacious space there, and of cos lots of natural lighting.

The chillax area is very spacious as well.

#ootd that day, wearing an #osn piece.

There’s even some green in the fitting room. 😍

Tried on this mustard top from one of their older collection..

The high waisted shorts in navy, quite like how it fits on my hip.

Tried on the shorts in white as well, both are as versatile and make a good basic.

Decided to bag both home since it’s quite difficult to find bottoms that fit my wide hip well.

Though the flat white wasn’t super fantastic, I actually adored the mug.

Went to check out the cafe corner while waiting for our purchases to be packed.

The bakes on that day.. currently their cakes and drinks are on tipping basis.

Didn’t know that until I asked if I should be making payment at the same counter where we paid for our damages.

Spot the tipping bowl..

Best is our purchases are brought over to us while we were enjoying the cakes and coffee.