Anyway I was very upset for didn’t manage to score the JJB Be Supplied Gingham yesterday as I was hoping to use that as my pump bag.

Then at 5am this morning, my sis alerted me that there’s still stock available at Happie Diapers. Apparently, fellow dayrean @ginwai commented on my post and my sis saw it.

Thanks @ginwai for the heads up.

That’s what I like about Dayre. I’m gonna miss this community when it’s gone. Still secretly hoping that doom day will never come. 😆🙏🏻

Went back to my home while baby is napping away.

Finally sorted out Baby R’s Ang Pao.

Hubs said he has never received so many ang paos his whole life. 😂

Was going though my bags and I’m thinking of clearing my bags collection.

Need to make room for my JJB 😂

There will be Chanel, Loewe, Celine, Rebecca Minkoff, Prada and YSL.

Would anyone be keen if I do a selling post?


Sorry campers. Thanks for your interest.

Don’t think I’ll be able to do the selling post by today.

It’s half an hour to midnight, here I’m pumping milk and still gotta look after the little one. 😆😅

I’ll try to do by this Friday k. Promise.