Breakfast today.

Cooked by my niece. Though a bit burnt, still appreciate her effort lah.

难得it’s school holiday, let her enjoy. She has more interest in cooking than her Yi Yi (aka me 😆)

Very casually dressed though we are going to Prego for lunch. 😄

Comfort comes first.

I looked very 轻松, look is deceiving.

Baby is at the side in her stroller. 😅

Wah very long never come here..

This is the actually the place where my hubs and I had our first date before we started pak tor 😂

The second table which is vacant, that’s where my hubs and I had our first date 10 years ago on V Day.

And now I’m back with Baby R minus the 👨🏻😆

My hubs love the bread here..

Belated birthday lunch for this babe.. @surerain

As usual, we were quite ambitious.

4 mains and two entrees to share among 5 of us.

Tomato sauce pasta as Mum doesn’t like cream sauce or cheese.. she’s a more Asian food kinda person. 😆

I personally prefer cream sauce to tomato sauce..

I know, the extra calories are not helping. 😂

Fois gras for me any time.. always up my alley if don’t have to worry about cholesterol and the fats.

Actually I don’t really care about cholesterol, cos I only like food that’s high in cholesterol, crab roes, prawn roes, fish roes etc.

Thankfully my cholesterol level is still in healthy range. But I’m not young anymore so I should really eat these in moderation. 😅

Aglio Olio is always a good choice. I’ve tried making once, total failure. I’m such a failure when comes to cooking.

The funghi pizza.. the truffle oil taste was pretty strong which I like. But it’s too soggy, pizza from Pizza Express win this hands down.

Their tiramisu is still the best.

This calamari that is part of the pasta set which my sis ordered that included a pasta, dessert and a starter.

Thankfully Baby R was sleeping after a while so we could eat in peace. 😄

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