Baby McKayla is 1!

Decked in Minnie Mouse theme with this LO today.

Happy weekend everyone! 😎

Attending Baby MK’s 1st birthday bash.

March is full of babies full month and birthday parties 😆

It’s Mickey and Minnie’s theme.

Lemon meringue tarts 🍋

Cheesecake which I didn’t get to try..

The dessert table..

One with the baby girl and the mummy.

Both babies are distracted. 😅

Other than the hosts, we were the only guests dressed to the theme 😆

We are damn sporting hor 😂

All thanks to sis for lending me her Minnie Mouse top.

Finally settled down for my lunch after sis is done with her lunch.

Love their iced earl grey cocoa. 😋👍🏻

Thankfully Baby R is in a pretty good mood today. 😍