Shave or don’t shave? 👶🏻


Bought this while Baby R was still in my tummy.

Totally forgotten about it. Luckily still can fit with allowance. If not, it will be such a waste. 😆


Baby R is learning how to stand up now. 😆

Aiyo her hair getting thinner liow..

My MIL has been nagging lately that I should have shaved her hair when she’s one month old so that her hair won’t be so messy now.

So many comments lor. I said no means no. 😂

#dayremummies is it a must that babies must shave their hair? Me 不舍得leh..

Some people said either shave when baby is 1 mth old. If not can do so when baby is 4 mths old.

Maybe if my baby is a boy then I don’t mind lah..

She was in an exceptionally good mood when we were at my MIL’s place yesterday. 😍

She loves sleeping showing her armpit 😂

Rare day that she can nap for more than 2 hours during the day.

Recently she has been napping like 10-20mins. Lowest record was 6 mins! 😂

This naughty girl has also started to become fussy, don’t wanna drink her milk.

Now even have to resort to dream feed her. Jialat 😅

Nor 👆🏻 You see, 6 mins only.

The effort for making her fall asleep is even longer lor 😅

The app which I’m using to track Baby R’s sleeping hours is this. “Baby Manager”.


I only used it to track her feedings and sleeping hours.

Can track diaper change (Too lazy to track lol) and measurement as well.

Will probably explore using the measurement feature.

Also like the feeding tracking function, can select formula or BM.

Can track the no of feedings and total quantity.

Sleeping report..