All about my love for Céline

Just when I thought the hype for Céline luggage has died down a bit, there’s so many discussing about nanos and micros recently.

I start falling in love for Céline luggages bag in Q3/Q4 2012.

Mini luggage is obviously too big for my frame hence micro is my only choice.

However, micro used to be so rare during that time. You can hardly see a micro on display at the boutiques, let alone getting your hands on a piece of your desired colour and leather.


I remember myself popping into Céline more often than usual then, checking with the SA how far away was I on the waiting list.

The fateful day came when the SA called me in April 13 that they have received some shipment of micros.

My heart was pounding fast and furious then.

Next moment, I’m at the Céline store at NAC.

That love at first sight moment.

I even posted this pic in my IG then with caption “Oh micro, I finally found you.”

So you can imagine the level of happiness I’ve had at the point of time.

I didn’t even give the SA any specs I wanted for my micro. Just call me if there’s any micro in the house. That’s how crazy I was on micro then.

Though I didn’t expect to have exotic skin on my micro, when stock is in, my philosophy then was,mai tu liow, just grab and go before it’s gone again. 😅

A closer look on my first micro.

Was hoping for a grained / drummed leather one as I’m a damn chor lor person.

However when micro is so rare then, let’s just say I can’t afford to be so fussy then.

Anyway, the mono tone and the different leather textures makes it really special.

And I seem to have a strong affinity with snake skin. This is python snake skin.

During my wait for this micro, I bagged home a medium trapeze with water snake skin. See, another snake. 🐍

I kept it for CNY 2014. Always have the habit to keep my new love for CNY.

And I’ll keep them in their original packing till the day I use.

Oops side track a bit, I still have 3 bags left unboxed. 😅

After settling with my first micro, the search didn’t stop then as I was still hoping to own a drummed leather one.

Managed to score one in my fave colour then together with my sis.

From the pic you can tell my love for cobalt blue then. Even my arty ring was in that colour.

Crazy me, my trapeze and large trio was also in cobalt blue. 😂 you can call them my cobalt blue family.

Thinking back, perhaps I should have gotten a black drummed micro instead since black is forever a classic.🤔

Should I let go of my Cobalt Blue micro in drummed leather?

Carrying my first Céline.

It’s looking a bit too overwhelming for my frame tbh.

Oh well, medium was the smallest trapeze size then leh..

Moral of the story.. if it’s not in your desired size and specs, wait for it. I’ve truly learnt my lesson. 😂

Anyone keen on my trapeze? It’s still in mint condition and I’m willing to let go at more than 50% off it’s RP.

Please email me if keen.

Moving on to Nanos, this was my first.

Can tell that I’m very much into colourful bags then. Why didn’t I get a black? Haha

Aiyo.. seeing this pic kinda made me double sad, when can I have my waist back. 😂

This was my second trio in large.

Not long after I’ve owned it, I kinda regretted and sold it off BN.

This was my pic on my carousell.

Not my pic.

Till today, I’m still looking for a large trio in black, hopefully in drummed / grained leather.

Not my pic.

Perhaps I can consider a burgundy too. 🤔 cos it’s damn chio. 😍