Pinkish BM 😱

Got the shock of my life when I was about to keep the BM to the fridge.

I didn’t even realise when I was expressing.

Other than the other time when Baby R was still barely a week old when I have cracked nipple, this is the first time I have pinkish BM.

Why like that ah? My nipples are not even cracked leh. This is from the left boob.

Any #dayremummies experience this before?

Sad leh.. my supply is already not a lot, now still have to pour away.. 好心痛leh 😭

Waiting for my gynae now.. hope it’s not a long wait.

Decided to just come and see him now and shun bian do my PP pap smear.

The pinkish BM is really freaking me out now. Last pump left boob was ok but now right boobs also affected. I also noticed got blood clots. 😔

Decided to just bite the bullet and do a check as I’m not sure if my BM is safe for baby to drink.

Wish me luck. 😅

This is what I brought and showed my gynae.

I asked the nurses while waiting if this is common, they seem so shocked. Said never hear before.

That got me really worried. 😅

Showed my gynae and he said this is serious, internal bleeding as BM shouldn’t be in this colour. What!!

Then he examined my nipples, pressed and squeezed. The letdown was in white.

Then he said then nothing to worry about, the blood is caused by abrasion on my nipples when I pumped.

I probably didn’t insert my nipples to the valve properly. He noticed some cracks at the bottom of my nipples which are my blind spots lah 😅

He said I’ve been working too hard haha.

But I’m still quite puzzled if it’s just abrasion, how come the blood could be so heavy, I even noticed some blood clot leh. 😅

Thanks dayremummies for your advice. Your advice really come in very handy for new mummies like me. 😅 Glad to know that this is pretty common. But then again, what should I do if Dayre is gone ah. Who can I ask? 😩

Rewarded myself with these yummy stuff since gynae said that I’m ok. 终于吃得下了. 😂

Quite cheap leh.. these are only $7.50.

And these sashimi, quite a big portion for only $10.50.😋

Also bought a banana multigrain baby rice and rusks for Baby R to try.

Since she has been fussy with her milk intake (can only resort to dream feeding now, always praying that she doesn’t open her eyes when we are feeding her, damn stressed leh 😅), PD recommended to let her start on cereal from 4 mths.

Not easy to find these as most cereals are only suitable for babies 6mths +.

Hope Baby R will love this.

See.. sometimes she will open her eyes while feeding her halfway and then she will start playing with her tongue. 😅

Then we will have to start singing all the ABC songs and baby sharks song trying to coax her to drink.

If all fail, use spoon or pour bit by bit to her mouth. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So many patterns lor, why can’t you be like a milk monster like your mummy used to be? 😅