That perfect Lucky Charm 2.55 Reissue

Went to our favourite shop with the sis after our dinner last night.

First check in to the store since I gave birth. 😆

Wanted to check out their shoes.

This is Sis’s and my pick.

#charmmyloveschanel #chanel

This sliders is damn comfy..

Buttery soft lambskin on your feet, of cos it’s comfy.. the price though 😆

Spotted the ballerinas that I’ve been looking for, the caviar one. 👆🏻

Don’t have my size as expected.

I almost bagged this home a few months back. Yes almost lor.. @charmmy3030:231117

My heart stopped when I spotted this lucky charm 2.55 reissue. 😍

I mean.. look at those charms, it’s just perfect leh.. 😍😍

Chanel No.5, Eiffel Tower, Coco Chanel, Arc De Triomphe, Rue Cambon signage, Gabrielle.. all of what I love about Chanel.

Probably one of the most chio-est lucky charm flap reissue I’ve seen to date.

Not my pic.

Some of the earlier lucky charms reissue. Not so nice right.

Not my pic too.

The casino lucky charm reissue. Think this is in 224.