Baby R’s first flight ✈️

First time out in her PJ 😆

On our way to the airport.

Super excited cos it’s Baby R’s first flight though it’s just a super short trip back to my hometown. 🤣

Hope she will behave later. 🙏🏻

Mummy, where are we going?

Luckily my eyes doesn’t look very puffy with just 3 hours + of sleep.

Packing a baby’s luggage is really no joke. 😅


Can only take such shots in the morning when it’s not as crowded.

Should have change Baby R into her monochrome PJ. 🤣

All decked into gingham / monochrome cos my Niece requested for this theme for her birthday celebration tonight.

She is 18 today.

Baby R was more interested to see the cars than taking photo with mummy. Tsk tsk

Breakfast dim sum cos it’s only place with ample seats.

Baby R with her seat belt. Guess they didn’t give us the bassinet seat since the flight duration is just barely an hour.

Was quite worried if Baby R won’t be able to take the pressure during take off and landing.

Gave her pacifier during these crucial moments and glad that it works. 😉

Checked in to our hotel.

Always love their welcome ice cream. 😋

Glad that our room was already ready so we could help her freshen up and had a change of clothing before meeting my bro for lunch.

Oh the baby cot is here..

Lunch was already served when we were there.

Had to do with a really quick lunch as I need to rush back to pump before to the bank to settle some stuff.

Such a cute toy from Silk Air.

This stroller toy is so much better than a normal soft toy.

We obviously don’t know how to travel light, brought along the steam steriliser and bottle warmer. 🤣

I don’t like steam steriliser leh, missing my haenim uv steriliser. If only they have a more portable version which is travel friendly.

SIL calling our Grab driver.

Had my first Grab experience today.

Really my first experience taking a private hire. Suaku me 😆

Bathtub is here too. 🤣

No lah, we didn’t lug this all the way from SG.

Got my SIL to help me buy one from here. 😅

Initially wanted to bath Baby R at the basin.

But the basin at this hotel are abit too shallow leh..

I wonder how other #dayremummies bath their LOs at the hotel during vacation.