Survived first night without my mum.

Damn stressed cos the hubs slept like a log. I woke up to feed Baby R and pump and he didn’t even move a bit. 🙄

Love her Brown PJ which sis bought back from Seoul while I was still preggy.

Finally out of our hotel room to settle our lunch.

Probably only have a bit of time to shop then have to hear back to our hotel to prep for my niece’s wedding dinner tonight.

Kinda envy the sis who can have the luxury to go salon 扮美美. 😂 #dayremummies

We ordered both Soy & Garlic and Honey, the latter was so much better while soy and garlic was so blend.

Managed to shop a while after lunch.

Hubs was back at the hotel to take the hand sanitizer so I was waiting for him to be back as I can’t possibly push Baby R to the fitting room. 😆

Embroidery is still very much in trend I suppose.

Met up with mum and the sis.

My mum finally can have a good night sleep last night without Baby R with her.

I asked her if she had a good sleep, she said she missed Baby R and was worried if I’m coping well with her and if I fed her well.

Changed into her party dress and ready to party!! 💃🏻

Mirror ootd with mummy.

I can’t wait to twin with her! #osn #oursecondnature

We were so late for the wedding dinner. Dinner starts at 6pm and we reached there almost 7pm.😅

With babies, it’s so difficult to be on time.

Beautiful sunset spotted when we were there. 😍

We skipped the 4pm outdoor solemnisation event as I rather Baby R can catch some more sleep, make sure she has slept and fed well before we head out.

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