My brow embroidery experience

New brow for my birthday and the new year. ☺️

All thanks to Vivian from @/browstation_embroidery, I could bid goodbye to drawing my sparse eyebrow everyday.

I first did my brow embroidery two years ago back in December 2018. Scroll down to the last photo to take a peek at my sparse brows before embroidery. 🙈

Actually very shy to show that photo. 🤪

This photo was taken on the day I did my brow embroidery.

I was quite hesitant to try initially as I have very low pain tolerance. Another deterrent was I don’t want to look like 蜡笔小新 😂

Photo taken from another angle

I have to say that I’m actually very pleased with the overall experience and the result. It was literally painless as I was really at ease and have slept through the whole process every time. There’s no downtime too, I can wash my face directly after 4 hours.

First three photos were taken a week ago, on the day after I did my powder mist brow embroidery. Second last photo was taken before the embroidery this round.

Next, I will need to go back for a touch up after one month (must be within three months), thereafter it should last me for 1 to 1.5 years.

Do contact Vivian at @/browstation_embroidery or 86618501 if you are keen to try the powder mist brow embroidery service that I did. She has other types of embroidery services too, e.g. invisible eyeliner, 6D embroidery, 6D + misty embroidery etc.

Quote my discount code [Charmmy3030] to enjoy 10% off all embroidery services. Valid till 31 December 2021. 🥳🤩

Me with my sparse eyebrow back in December 2018 before my brow embroidery journey. 🙈